Thursday, May 20, 2010


I had a serious green fetish about two summers ago. I suppose it's never really gone away because I still find myself attracted to predominately green things. So, despite my assertions that I love red, I find that my closet is seriously lacking in anything remotely red. Here are some of my favorites on Etsy:

Ostrich and green velvet wedges. $85 from Thrush. According to the measurements on the seller's site, they seem to be a fairly wide vintage size 5. You have no idea how tempted I am to pick these up. 1. A wide size 5; 2. two tone green and tan; 3. love the way the straps cross in the front.

Celluloid palm tree pin. $15 from vintageclothiers. I've had a real thing for tropical themes leading into summer.

Glass bangles. $29.99 from BleuFleur. I adore these shades of jade green all marbled together. There's something very art deco about these shades.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Edit to post below + woe is me

My favorite of my husband's shirts is nothing special. It's a semi transluscent long sleeve white cotton button down shirt with white and pale blue plaid....on the diagonal. I never consciously noticed this before. Here is the woe is me part to this whole thing - I am reminded how uncreative I am. I am an excellent (imo) technical writer. You want me to expound on the rise and fall of the roman empire? I'll research the shit out of it and write a great technical paper. Will it be boring? Yep, but it'll have really good grammar, punctuation, and footnotes. I'm extremely visual and sensory oriented in general. I like looking at things, seeing colors, smelling books, turning my music way way up until the speakers blow. But it's hard for me to visualize my projects. I can like a fabric and like a pattern but I will struggle to see the finished product in my mind. It makes me very indecisive and I hate that. I know I'll be the same when we buy a house and I want to paint every room in the place. I'll be frozen with indecision, wondering if I'll like a color when it covers an entire room. Can I learn to be creative? I have no idea.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Simplicity 3173

I picked up this patttern on ebay a bit ago. It's a junior's pattern but, aside from the cutesy heart shaped pockets on style 2, I don't think it's inappropriate age-wise. And I'm a sucker for puffed sleeves. (Note: I think some people could rock the heart pockets, but it's not my style. Plus, I tend to wear vintage only to reenactments, which besides equalling nerd city, also means going for accuracy.)

In this case, however, I'm going for Style 3:

I like the casual look and I can imagine wearing it on a hot summer day and being cool and comfortable. It's also one of the few blouse patterns I own that isn't a button down shirt. Which means, I can finally put this fabric to use:

When I bought this fabric, I didn't realize that the stripes were on the bias. I didn't think the drape would be quite right for a skirt so I was at a loss. I'm still not entirely sure about how it will look on this blouse but I'm willing to give it a go. There are dirt lines on the fabric so hopefully tonight I'll put it in the tub to soak over night and then pull it out tomorrow morning to dry.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Butterick 2611 Progress

I had every intention of doing the drawstrings but it was an epic fail. They were tiny and I couldn't pull them right side out no matter what I tried. I tried the instructions' way and then I tried to just pick and pull it through millimeter by painful millimeter. I was willing to do that! But then a little hole was created that became a big hole and it pulled out through the side. That was the last straw.
Ripping out stitches to remove the casings for the drawstring. Pain in my ass.
Setting in sleeves....another pain in my ass.
Zipper is in! Yea! Hmm...not the best, but it's in and it's staying. I bought a huge lot of metal zippers on ebay once and this is from that stash. The pull seem kinda big, but the zipper itself looks like it's the right size for dresses and skirts.

To do list: hem sleeves, tidy up miscellaneous threads, belt.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Stimulating the economy

Fun, tropical rayon from Ebay. I'm not really sure what the orange spots are....they don't look like coconuts but they don't look like flowers either. Hopefully I'll find out when I get a better look at it. Really, I think they look like strawberries.... :-/

Picasso wedge from Remix vintage. I bought these on and saved about $70 and the site is offering free 2 day shipping. Not bad. I got them in red.