Thursday, January 22, 2009

Anne Adams 4040

Finished dress. Not crazy about it at all. With the pleats at the bust and shoulder the fabric draped funny. I think it may have been the fabric but of course, with my lack of skill it was probably me.

I've been wanting to make this pattern for a while now.
It's too small but I think it will only be a matter
of adding some width at the sides. I'm trying to avoid long and complicated adjustments.


Green and beige cotton. The green will be the main color and the beige will be the contrasting panels. The pieces are already cut so there's no going back, but I'm starting to think it would look better the other way around. Actually, I bought four yards of each color so I think I have enough left over to do the reverse if I want.

I also bought these pattern weights by Dritz. They're basically small heavy bean bags. Some brands are fabric covered metal weights with little pointy feet to snag the pattern piece and the fabric. I bought two packages since four would definitely not be enough. I used them to trace pattern pieces and they worked great - it cut down on time since I didn't have to pin anything, it was wonderful. I wasn't crazy about using them to cut out fabric because they kept tipping over and then the pattern would shift.