Thursday, November 19, 2009

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By necessity, I am forced into being economical. I've never been super extravagent but I can't say I'm necessarily thrifty. There are a couple of projects I'd like to start but I will have to be more picky about price....which is why I'm really liking more and more. They have a really nice variety at very friendly prices and after my good experience with the last yarn I bought from them, I'm definitely going back. So here are the projects and the yarns:

From A Stitch in Time:
I really like the lace pattern and love the ribbon. While I'm not typically a pink person, I do enjoy the contrast of colors, but I think I'm going to do a navy ribbon. The suggested yarn is Filatura di Cross but at $10-$20 per skein, that's a big no.

Passion Heather - 100% Wool and $2.19/skein
I think this shade of pink will look nice with a medium navy ribbon too.

A new pattern book I bought on Etsy and just got last night!
I really like this dress. I know myself and my procrastinating ways and it would take me FOREVER to make this dress....but I love it and I want it. The book recommends Turquoise (in Beehive Opaleen - you know those books that yarn stores have that lists old yarns from companies and gives you a description and equivalent....yeah, where do they get those because I want one). Love the color option so I chose some turquoise yarns that I love and one light green that exactly reminds me of a Crayola marker I had when I was little. The dress is called "Apple Blossom" (all the patterns are named after some sort of flowering tree) so I immediately thought of apple trees in the spring. They are so pretty with their white and pink blossoms and green leaves. I may do something along those lines but I don't have any turquoise clothes and I love the color! So here we are:

Seafoam - cotton/acrylic $2.79

Marlin - cotton/acrylic $2.79

Whirpool - 100% wool $1.99

Kenai - merino/silk $3.99