Friday, April 13, 2012

So that was crap

If you will note the post below, it's crap as far as formatting. I'm sure that some of it is user error, but the preview is different than what I type and then the actual post is different that the preview. I'm scratching my head in confusion. Also, I couldn't highlight text to hyperlink it. Argh. Oh well. I have to say, I don't care enough to make it pretty. Sorry!

This post is separate from the previous just because it's not really related. Basically, to catch up on the past year - had a baby, changed jobs, moved in with in-laws. Fun times are had by all. Our stuff is scattered hither and yon between our bedroom, basement storage and a storage locker. My vintage stuff should all be in the house, mostly upstairs to avoid festering in the basement, but it's hard to tell. Space is at a premium and some things just can't avoid the basement. I can't find a lot of my fabric. I just can't remember where it was put. I have some lovely vintage tropical rayon with fun novelty coconut buttons.... where, oh where are you?! Time is precious now that my commute is over an hour one way and I have a child to spend time with. I'm aiming to use up vacation time at the end of the month and get started on some muslins for summer dresses. I have three dresses I want to tackle and all will need adjustments. I don't usually have the patience for a muslin, but when I plan on cutting up vintage fabric, I force myself to avoid costly, irreparable mistakes. Hopefully soon I will have some vintage sewing goodness to post!

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