Monday, June 14, 2010

Surprises all around

Two Sundays ago I found out I was pregnant. I did not one but three home pregnancy tests because I didn't want to believe it. The first thing I thought afterwards was that I wanted a drink but figured that it would be irresponsible to down a fifth of vodka when I knew that I was pregnant. My second thought was that I was glad I bought some vintage maternity patterns a few months back. And my third thought was that I had no idea where we were going to put a baby. Sure we have a two bedroom apartment but the 2nd bedroom consists of the following:
  • All of Brian's army gear
  • All of my reenacting stuff - hats, clothes, shoes, suitcases, purses, accessories....all of it
  • All of my sewing and knitting stuff - patterns, fabric, pins, needles, yarn, sewing machine, buttons, zippers, EVERYTHING
  • Books galore
  • Random electronics like our printer, modem, etc
  • Seasonal clothes

Considering that nine months goes by really fast, I decided to start cleaning out the closet yesterday. I figure that I don't really need an armoir for the baby. Does the baby care? No. Do I care? No, it's just one more thing I would have to spend non-existant money on. Just get me a slew of baby hangers and I can keep all the clothes in the closet. I'll probably get some of that modular organization stuff to store shoes, blankets, bedding, etc. On my trek through the closet I found FOUR - count them FOUR- pairs of vintage shoes that I don't remember buying. How pathetic is that? They all fit too!

Black slingbacks. Sorry for the blurry photo. Brown Wedges, sold in Philadelphia.

Black suede Red Cross shoes, though there is a disclaimer that they have nothing to do with the Internaional Red Cross.

Not sure if these are really lizard or embossed leather. Probably embossed but that's fine. I really like them. And they fit.

I felt a bit foolish when I found all these shoes.

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